The Voice of the River, Melanie Rae Thon

Seventeen-year-old Kai Dionne and his dog, Talia, are missing.  The search for these two spans a single day, morning twilight to late evening, from the time Kai leaps in a half-frozen river to save the dog to the hour he and Talia are recovered.  They could be anywhere, wet and wandering in the woods or trapped by ice under the river’s surface.  Each person who comes to the river brings his or her secret needs and desires, each has known loss, and all are survivors.  A childless mother grieves for her son and daughter; a starved boy seeks himself; and a man who shot his father recalls a tender, intimate night “when the father was kind, and not afraid, and not angry.”  Kai and Talia belong to, and are loved by, a whole community. As strangers work together toward a single cause, they become family – bound by love not only to the ones lost, but to all who gather.

Praise for the The Voice of the River:

 “. . . a well-observed picture of the vagaries of family relationships, with the requisite undercurrents of loss, regret, and forgiveness.” – PW

“Heartrending yet never bathetic, this story of loss and love will deeply satisfy most fiction readers.” –  Library Journal

“[…] flush with luminescent, transient moments […] A book about being a witness. Every revelation the reader has about one of its characters seems to encourage seeing with new eyes.” – Adam Cance, Fiction Writers Review

“It’s hard not to think of Virginia Woolf’s modernist masterpiece Mrs. Dalloway when reading Melanie Rae Thon’s incantatory new novel . . . a tonic for our narcissistic age, in which advertising encourages us . . . to feel we are each the center of the universe . . . [as] beautiful and fierce as old-time religion.” – Rain Taxi

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