The Other Side of the Island, Allegra Goodman

Featured in The Washington Post’s Best Books of 2008

One of the Los Angeles Times’s Favorite Books of 2008

Listed in The Village Voice’s Best Books of 2008

In the eighteenth glorious year of enclosure, long after The Flood, a young girl named Honor moves with her parents to Island 365 in the Tranquil Sea.  Life on the tropical island is peaceful – there is no sadness and no visible violence in this world.  Earth Mother and her Corporation have created New Weather.  The sky is always blue and it almost never rains.  Every family fits into its rightful, orderly and predictable place…

Except Honor’s parents do not follow the rules.  They ignore curfew, violate safety measures, and do not pray to Earth Mother.  Honor doesn’t fit in with the other children at the Old Colony School. She meets Helix, a boy with a big heart, who slowly helps her uncover a terrible secret about the Island: Sooner or later, those who do not fit in disappear…and they don’t ever come back.

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Praise for The Other Side of the Island:

The Other Side of the Island is dark but shot through with sly humor, and the narrative grows increasingly satisfying as Earth Mother's web of conspiracies and denial unravels. Goodman has written a bracing, exhilarating novel that manages to be both subversive and optimistic. Earth Mother and Big Brother better watch out.” – Washington Post

“A dark vision rendered in wonderful and imaginative detail, The Other Side of the Island . . .  is timely and disturbing. It's also a book that's likely to be read in one sitting. The story is that well-paced . . .” –  Los Angeles Times

“A top notch genre piece . . .” –  Publishers Weekly (starred) 

“Allegra Goodman writes like a master." – Ha Jin, National Book Award winning author of Waiting and War Trash

“A chilling vision of the future, written with imagination and flare… Exotic and surreal.” – Alan Lightman, International Bestselling author of Einstein's Dreams

“Gripping and creepily prescient.” – Village Voice

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