The Horned Man, James Lasdun

Lasdun’s Kafka-esque first novel is a psychosexual mystery about a teacher of gender studies who finds himself implicated in a series of attacks and murders in New York City.  Fast-paced and tightly plotted, it functions both as a fable of sexual repression and as a kind of paranoid black farce about human relations.  The novel made Notables of the Year for The New York Times, The London Sunday Times, The Guardian, Time Out London, and the Economist.

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Praise for The Horned Man:

“Lasdun, a well-known poet. . . gives us writing that is lush and full of witty detail. . . The book combines a narcotic literary ease with a knuckle-whitening tension. . . The Horned Man is a quick and addictive read.  But it is also an evocative meditation [with] echoes of Kafka and Poe.” -- New York Times Book Review

The Horned Man had its roots in Nabokov’s Pale Fire, but expanded the theme of the unreliable narrator to a near-lunatic degree, weaving a tortured but highly satisfying story of academia, psychotherapy and violence.” -- Guardian

“American psycho in reverse.” -- Evening Standard

"Whether as a satirical fabulist, or as a purveyor of his own brand of suburban Gothic, Lasdun is now an assured master of his form...the language is warm and opulent, Shaker-with-Rococo." –- Independent

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