The Cookbook Collector, Allegra Goodman

Emily and Jessamine Bach are opposites in every way:  Twenty-eight-year-old Emily is the pragmatic CEO of a Silicon Valley startup; twenty-three-year-old Jessamine is a grad student in philosophy, an environmental activist, and a part-timer in an antiquarian bookstore. Emily's boyfriend is tremendously successful; Jess's boyfriends are not. Emily's success in the dot com bubble has its costs, while Jess's work on a cache of rare cookbooks continues to pull her closer to her charming, arrogant employer.  

The Cookbook Collector is a novel about the substitutions we make when we can’t find what we’re looking for; it’s about reading cookbooks instead of cooking, speculating instead of creating, and collecting instead of engaging with others. Above all, it is about discovering the importance of real love in a deceptively virtual world.

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Praise for The Cookbook Collector:

"If you're hankering for a feast of love, let yourself fall under the spell of Allegra Goodman's abundantly delicious tale. You won't leave hungry." – New York Times Book Review

The Cookbook Collector is wise, moving and every bit as impressive as Freedom - Independent on Sunday

 “Goodman is everything it says on her tin - a wonderful, lyrical writer etc - but she also has an astute eye for comedy and some bits of the book are truly hilarious.” – The Daily Mail

“Throughout The Cookbook Collector Goodman shows herself to be a clear-sighted observer who doesn’t flinch from depicting her characters’ blindspots and failings. And yet she manages to retain a vision that is essentially sunny and (one feels) genuine.” – Francine Prose, The Guardian

“Sisters find that love can be wondrously, or tragically, accidental. Goodman is a romantic realist who dazzles with wit, compassion and vegan recipes.” – Wall Street Journal

“Goodman is especially admired for evoking smart and subtly nuanced characters, and Emily and Jess are so emotionally authentic that I almost tried to Google them . . . Unlike many of the companies of the First Digital Age, The Cookbook Collector is enormously satisfying and well worth the investment.” —Elle magazine, July issue

“Deliciously readable.” – Redbook

“Fans of Goodman's lovely, nuanced novels have a treat in store with this tale of two sisters.”Entertainment Weekly

“Allegra Goodman remembers that dot-com intoxication and renders it sumptuously in The Cookbook Collector, a new novel that ripens slowly, like a midsummer peach.” – The Cleveland Plain Dealer

“. . . a thoughtful story about the disruptions of the early 21st century. . . balanced with Zenlike tranquility between genuine mirth and heartfelt despair. [Goodman] describes modern life in stories as witty and astute as Zoë Heller's or Claire Messud's but without a drop of bitterness.” – Washington Post

“A modern take on Sense and Sensibility, Goodman’s seventh novel is a beautifully textured tale of two sisters that hits all the Jane Austin high notes . . . the world she weaves practically vibrates with humanity.” – People

“From the author of Kaaterskill Falls, this new novel set during the dotcom-bubble years  . . . [is] billed by publishers as a "Sense and Sensibility for the digital age. Sold.” – Time

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