Single Wife, Nina Solomon

In this romantic and slyly mysterious first novel, Solomon’s voice is utterly refreshing, profoundly inventive and confident in her inquiry about the state of modern love. 

Grace Brookman has it all. She leads the quintessential New York life with her ideal husband, Laz. That is, until her ideal husband goes out and doesn’t come back. Sure, he’s always been prone to leaving for days at a time, but this time is different. Weeks pass. Holidays come and go. And still no trace of the man she thought she knew. Suddenly Grace is responsible for everything, including covering up for her own AWOL spouse. She soon learns that a marriage can be reduced to a few timely excuses, some spilled crumbs here, and some dirty laundry there—fooling everyone around her, just like she was fooled. The deception becomes almost a hobby. But then Laz’s sordid past shows up on her doorstep, along with a few other surprises. Her life is now a New York mess, and, as a single wife, she’ll have to take matters into her own hands. 

Praise for Single Wife:

“[A] frothily good novel… plenty of funny moments, but…also a stirring meditation on independence and marriage…Solomon reminds women that living well is the best revenge.” -- People

“Gripping and dreamy, this tale will please fans of Margaret Atwood and Alice Hoffman.” -- Publishers Weekly

“Employing a seemingly effortless, breezy style, first-time novelist Solomon speaks with panache to the issue of commitment…A witty, accomplished debut.” -- Booklist

“Like a particularly sharp episode of Sex and the City, the novel poses a provocative question—does a woman need a man to feel ‘married’? - and goes about answering it with both flair and heart.” – Elle

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