Seven Lies, James Lasdun

 Shortlisted for the James Tait Black Memorial Prize 

Part political thriller, part meditation on the nature of desire and betrayal, Seven Lies tells the story of Stefan Vogel, a young man growing up in the former East Germany, whose yearnings for love, glory and freedom express themselves in a lifelong fantasy of going to America.  By a series of blackly comic and increasingly dangerous maneuvers, he contrives to make his fantasy come true, finding himself not only in the country of his dreams, but also married to the woman he idolizes.  America seems everything he expected, and meanwhile his secrets are safely locked away behind the Berlin Wall.  A new life of unbounded bliss seems to have been granted to him.  And then the world begins to fall apart.

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Praise for Seven Lies:

“Seductively and stylishly dissects a life of Cold War fabrication told in flashback… Sly, witty, and just allegorical enough to make one reflect on one’s own deceptions, Lasdun’s latest is a bracing and accomplished entertainment.” -- Publishers Weekly

“Short, intense, powerful and superbly crafted…This is Lasdun’s achievement; to hold up a painfully flawed individual and capture his, and our, humanity.” -- Times (London)

“A taut transnational thriller.” -- Believer

“The pages that Lasdun devotes to the couple’s early days in New York are among the most beautiful in the book…Could be from Bellow so expressive is it of sublime superabundance.” -- Financial Times

“[A] compact and compelling second novel…Intricately plotted and structured, its prose is both elegant and poised.” -- Sunday Times (London)

“Lasdun is both an elegant and austere writer. His prose is always beautifully balanced and perfectly adapted to the character’s thought processes…[The] pace is close to that of a thriller…Lasdun demonstrates the power of a lie to shape human existence and ultimately to undermine it. This is an elegant, moving and intelligent book.” -- Irish Times

Seven Lies has a way of enlarging the spirit and refreshing the mind far more comprehensively than many books with twice its 200 pages…Ingenious.” -- Guardian

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