Picking Bones From Ash, Marie Mutsuki Mockett

No one knows who fathered eleven-year-old Satomi, and the women of her 1950’s Japanese mountain town find her mother’s restless sensuality a threat. Satomi’s success in piano competitions has always saved her and her mother from complete ostracism. But when her mother’s growing ambition tests this delicate social balance, Satomi’s gift is not enough to protect them. Years later, Satomi’s American daughter, Rumi, who has grown up without her mother, sees a ghost and begins to investigate her mother’s mysterious past. Picking Bones from Ash explores the struggles women face in accepting their talents and asks what happens when mothers and daughters dare to question the debt owed one another.

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Praise for Picking Bones From Ash:

“Some fiction makes the world a little smaller; illuminates the dark corners, puts the taste of, say, breakfast in a small mountain village of Japan in the mouth of the reader (rice balls, in a ryokan, made by your mother the night before). Art school in Tokyo; vermilion leaves in autumn, cherry blossoms falling on city streets after a rain.” – Los Angeles Times

“[Mockett’s debut novel] succeeds where many others fail:  making the reader care.” – Publisher’s Weekly

“A book of intelligence and heart.” – Amy Tan

“I don't know when I last read a novel with two such captivating heroines as Marie Mutsuki Mockett conjures up in her intricate and absorbing novel … an immensely satisfying debut.” – Margot Livesey

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