Mustang Sally, Edward Allen

Bored with his semester's work teaching composition to unmotivated undergraduates, English professor Packard Schmidt succumbs to the prostitution services of a former student of his and begins a steady descent into chaos.

Praise for Mustang Sally

"Very funny and regrettably accurate . . ." -- New York Times Book Review

"The scene in which Pack is pressured to resign is right out of Milan Kundera's 'The Joke' . . . and just as nasty-funny . . . Allen is unparalleled in describing the details of the destruction in progress." -- Chicago Tribune

"All Allen's writing has a sort of buoyant sadness -- or, if you want to turn it around a wistful mirth.  And if you want to put it with the simplicity no MLA critic would permit himself: There is no other writer quite like Ed Allen." -- GQ

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