Intuition, Allegra Goodman

Long-listed for the Orange Prize 

Short-listed for the Wellcome Trust Prize in the U.K. 

Suspenseful, penetrating, and rich with an emotional nuance that caused The New Yorker to hail her as “a writer of uncommon clarity,” Allegra Goodman’s third novel has further ratified her place as one of the most accomplished young writers of her generation.

A brash publicity-seeking oncologist, an exacting scientist driven by the pure love of her field, an obsessive post-doctoral researcher, and an ambiguous young lab-rat are among the rich characters in the Philpott – a prestigious research lab in Cambridge, Massachusetts. When the mice in a dead-end cancer trial suddenly go into remission, the ebullient staff feels its luck has finally turned – until one young scientist has doubts about the data and ignites a full-blown investigation that will profoundly affect the lives of everyone around her.

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Praise for Intuition:

Intuition is a stunning achievement...a thriller and a page-turner.” – Economist (starred)

“The ominiscient narrative nimbly shifts perspective among a small number of complex characters, to produce a Rashomon-like inquiry into truth and motive.” –  New Yorker

“With subtle but uncanny effectiveness, Goodman illuminates the inner lives of each character, depicting events from one point of view until another section suddenly throws that perspective into doubt.” – Publishers Weekly (starred)

“[Goodman] possesses a ferocious insight into her characters.” – Guardian

“Superb… a delicate analysis of how an ethics scandal filters through the sensibility of brilliant and brilliantly realized characters…Grade: A.” – Entertainment Weekly

“There’s nobody else like her writing today.” – Boston Globe

“The best major American novel of the year so far.” –  New York Sun

“Like a modern-day Jane Austen, Goodman is a splendid observer of personalities.” – USA Today

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