In This Light: New & Selected Stories, Melanie Rae Thon

Kirkus Reviews Best Fiction of 2011 (Short Story Collections)
The Quivering Pen Best Books of 2011
JMWW Best Books of 2011

A vibrant selection of stories belted out in the tone and style of a classic blues singer.  In This Light takes the reader on a fast-paced, windows-open ride down a Western highway.  Melanie Rae Thon’s intricately drawn characters are as tough and beautiful as wild prairie flowers. 

Praise for In this Light:

“Her stories are impressively consistent: All are of high quality and unflinchingly reflect the writer’s interest in exploring life’s darkest corners.” – The Boston Globe

“One by one, Thon takes down authorities — the fathers, slave owners, rapists who change and destroy lives. Thon is not afraid of the minutiae of damage — the innards, the fears or the moments of redemption” – LA Times

“Personalities can blur if these stories are consumed too quickly, because of Thon's elliptical technique and her gift for seeing flawed characters with consistent tenderness […] Haunting and superb.” – Cleveland Plain Dealer

“What is most striking about Ms. Thon’s short stories is her voice; her lyrical prose and remarkable ability to capture the voices of others is impressive. Ms. Thon masterfully constructs images that perfectly reflect her different narrators’ language and environments.”— New York Journal of Books

"In This Light should be required reading for all writers (not to mention all readers) . . . Thon is not only a master of style and language but she is a master of the innerworkings of the human heart as well, often the most damaged of hearts.- Seattle Post-Intelligencer

“Thon… subtly teaches us how to read the story—nonlinearly—that quick leap from the girl to her mother. As a result, the pacing will not be a high suspense, forward driving motion to the end. The barest of plot lines exists and for me that’s a relief because we get to meander, carried along by intimacy, deep in the narrator’s mind.”—Nina Schuyler, Red Room

“Melanie Rae Thon writes beautifully about sex, drugs, weather and Northwestern towns […] Thon’s dedication to the art of lyrical anguish is both impressive and disconcerting.”—San Franscisco Chronicle 

“Bluntly powerful but deeply nuanced stories from a unique voice in American fiction.” – Kirkus (starred)

“The writing is graceful . . .  poetic.”—Library Journal 

“Perhaps it's the startlingly lovely lines that appear on every page, lines that shimmer with no obvious effort towards beauty. But there they are, gleaming and sleek among the detritus of the characters' lives.” – Foreword 

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