Heirloom, Tim Stark

Some years ago Tim Stark was living in Brooklyn, working days as a government consultant and writing unpublished short stories by night. One day he walked past a dumpster full of discarded lumber and decided to build germination racks for heirloom tomatoes, which he could then cart back to his family's inactive farm in rural Pennsylvania. The weather and soil were so tomato-friendly that summer that he had a huge bumper crop to sell at the new farmers’ market at New York City’s Union Square. Fifteen years later, his completely organic Eckerton Hill Farm does hundreds of thousands of dollars of business a year—raising killer habañero chilies and fancy microgreens as well—and his tomatoes grace the menus of New York's most demanding chefs and even the cover of Gourmet magazine. 

Situated beautifully at the intersection of Michael Pollan, Ruth Reichl, and Barbara Kingsolver, Heirloom is an inspiring, elegiac, and gorgeously written memoir about rediscovering an older and still vital American way of life.

Praise for Heirloom:

“Tim Stark is the poet laureate of the nightshade and of Eastern Pennsylvania; his tomatoes and peppers burst on the mind’s palate as his native landscape comes to shaly, fecund life under his hands. Heirloom is clearly descended from Montaigne and M.F.K. Fischer; it takes its place grandly among the literature of passionate obsessives.”  -- Kate Christensen, author of The Great Man

“Successful farming in the 21st Century is about connecting with all sorts of people, and Tim Stark's gift is his ability to convey these connections.  Whether he is bantering with a farmer's market customer or accepting a free meal from a five-star chef, the spark of necessary human interaction comes through effortlessly in his prose.”-- Dan Sullivan, Senior Editor, The Rodale Institute

"With succulent wit, [Stark] conveys the poetry of a well-grown tomato." —Entertainment Weekly

" an instant classic of gentleman farmer literature." —Carly Berwick,

"Tim Stark is a natural-born storyteller—funny, poignant, and unerringly authentic. Charming with a capital C.” —John Grogan, author of Marley & Me

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