Coral Glynn

A Barnes & Noble Best of the Month for January 2012

February 2012 Lambda Literary Book Club Selection

Salon Editor’s Pick

New York Times Book Review Editor’s Pick 

Coral Glynn arrives at an isolated mansion deep in the English countryside early in the very wet spring of 1950 to nurse the elderly Edith Hart, who is dying of cancer.  Hart House is also inhabited by Mrs. Prence, the perpetually disgruntled house-keeper, and Major Clement Hart, Mrs. Hart’s war-ravaged son, who is struggling to endure his thwarted life. When a child’s game goes violently awry in the woods surrounding the house, a great shadow—love, perhaps—descends upon its inhabitants. Other seemingly random events—a torn dress, a missing ring, a lost letter—propel Coral and Clement precipitously into the mysterious thicket of marriage. A “period” novel observed with a refreshingly gimlet eye, Coral Glynn explores how quickly need and desire can blossom into love, and just as quickly transform into something less categorical. Peter Cameron rings deliciously unsettling changes on the perennial themes of classic English domestic fiction, examining how we live and love with his unique combination of knowing wit and empathy.

Praise for Coral Glynn:

“A sad, beautiful, absorbing story of love missed, love lost, love found . . . Cameron’s patient, painstaking concern is with the fog banks of neuroses, in which even the most inconsequential gesture settles, like a heavy blanket, over an aching heart.” – New York Times Book Review

“Cameron [is] an elegantly acute and mysteriously beguiling writer . . . The plots, the ventures, the encounters of his characters, instead of taking them from point A to point B, abduct them into unintended and more expansive itineraries . . . Cameron writes . . . with lyrical calm; one that conveys a terrible despair.” – Boston Globe 

“Mr. Cameron announces his talent in the way that matters: by telling a riveting tale with an often heartbreakingly pure prose style … It is as though he has set an X-ray machine before the traditional English drawing room, leaving its demure occupants exposed in their loneliness and well-meant follies—and revealing them as movingly human.” – Wall Street Journal

"[A] mesmerizing, melancholy novel . . . [Cameron's] writing is as quiet and unassuming as his heroine, with occasional flashes of surprising beauty." – NPR 

“Underneath his page-turning plot is a careful, complex examination of loss . . . is the pleasure of the novel . . . Cameron knows what not to say, how to leave the kind of tiny, white space that lets us readers imagine the huge, colorful, overwhelming world of even the most broken human heart.” – Oprah Blog, Book of the Week 

“. . . the pleasures of this novel are its lovely, restrained writing and its quiet power to keep the reader turning pages.” –Newsday

“[a] lovely, enigmatic new novel . . . Coral Glynn is a tribute to a certain breed of novel most often written by British women in the mid-20th century: astringently unsentimental, disciplined, replete with half-acknowledged emotions moving like the shadows of alarmingly large fish deep beneath the surface of the sea.” – Salon 

Coral Glynn is actually a beautifully controlled, suspenseful novel that smartly renders melodramatic events into credible, even empathetic moments. Cameron is such a clear, wry writer who knows precisely what he’s after, and his style is so restrained, that he achieves the feat of making outrageous occurrences feel understandable.” –  Daily Beast 

“ . . . a sad, intricate tale taut with suspense . . . As always, Cameron’s prose is something to savor.  In his hands, even an ordinary moment can seem extraordinary.” – Seattle Times

“The book is suffused with a lonely sadness and an aura of the surreal, and the many dramatic events in Coral’s life are entirely plausible thanks to Cameron’s skill as a storyteller.” – Starred PW

“Cameron specializes in emotional subtlety and unspoken desires—all the while hinting at an almost overwhelming disorder swirling beneath the placid surface.” – Bookforum 

“The milieu that Cameron creates is a masterpiece of indirection and understatement, deceptions of convenience, and the hushed tones of shame and fear […] Though set in the past, Coral Glynn could only be written now.” – Nervous Breakdown

Coral Glynn is […] a wonderful delicious treat for readers who feasted on the novels of Barbara Pym and Elizabeth Taylor years ago and despaired of ever finding anything like them again […] It’s as if a living composer were to write a new symphony in the style of Haydn.” – Commentary

“With its atmospheric Fifties setting, and stylish writing, this is one of Cameron’s finest novels.” – Library Journal 

“Cameron’s shimmering and expectant prose infuses this deceptively simple novel with an incandescent depth.” – Booklist

Coral Glynn is like an engrossing black-and-white movie for a rainy afternoon—a tale of clouded hearts, hidden motives and dangerous affections.” – MORE Magazine

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