Tynan, Tracy

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Tracy Tynan is a costume designer and writer living in Los Angeles, California. Her credits include the movies The Big Easy, Blind Date, Great Balls of Fire, and Tuesdays with Morrie.


Wear and Tear: The Treads of My life, Simon & Schuster, July 2016, Duckworth (UK/ANZ) Fall 2016
     “Wear and Tear is a riveting account of growing up as the only child of two famous, and famously complicated personalities: theater critic Kenneth Tynan and writer, Elaine Dundy. Tracy Tynan recalls her fascinating and difficult childhood during the Swinging ‘60s in London and New York, and the legendary actors and artists who frequented her parent’s life. She chronicles her growth as an artist, taking on myriad roles as lover, costume designer, step-mother, mother, and wife, with honestly and insights that make for can’t-put-down reading. Her independence and original style weave through the pages of her book just as they have always done in her life.”— Wendy Goodman, Design Editor, New York Magazine


"Tracy Tynan uses the universal medium of clothing to tell the highly specific story of her Bohemian British upbringing, and she does so with wit, candor and yes— style. For anyone obsessed with the intellectual gossip of yesteryear— or just obsessed with the language of high fashion, this book will be a cozy bedfellow.” — Lena Dunham

“In this wonderfully observed, elegiac, and least judgmental of memoirs, esteemed costume designer Tracy Tynan describes a society and personalities defined by style, and the ever shifting self-perception that characterizes out-sized lives— and talent. Moving effortlessly between where post war American and British literature and cinema, theatre and politics, converge, Tynan details a now vanished golden age with wit, honesty, and that rarest of qualities— empathy.” — Hilton Als

“A costume designer by profession, Tracy Tynan has dressed up the story of life with her famous parents— the critic Kenneth Tynan and the novelist Elaine Dundy— in fascinating textures, full of light and shadow. Under the veneer of Tynan’s clear graceful prose, Wear and Tear, as its punning title suggests, makes the tale of privilege and neglect at once vivid and moving. A compelling memoir from the first page to the last.”— John Lahr

“Tracy Tynan’s memoir is a wolf in sheep’s clothing…. Rich in humor and observation, it’s stylish tone belies the often harrowing nature of her formative years, and details with bravery and precision exactly who she was and what she wore.”— Anjelica Houston

“War and Tear is the first book that reveals style as a successful survival strategy. Tracy’s familial chaos required much dancing backwards in heels and looking good in the part. Written with compassion, she pulls no punches, her observations are not casual chic. A fascinating read about a creative clan.”— Deborah Landis

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