Shulman, Polly

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Polly Shulman is the author of the award-winning YA The Grimm Legacy and Enthusiasm.  She writes for The New York Times, Discover, Newsday,, Slate, Archaeology, and The Village Voice, among others.  She edits news stories about math, fossils, meteors, the weather, and the planets for Science magazine. She lives in New York City.

She is currently at work on a historical novel.

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The Poe Estate, Putnam, September 2015 (YA)

The Wells Bequest, Putnam, 2014 (YA)

The Grimm Legacy, Putnam, 2010 (YA)

Enthusiasm, Putnam, 2006 (YA)


“This modern fantasy has intrigue, adventure, and romance, and the magical aspects of the tale are both clever and intricately woven, from rhyming charms to flying-carpet rides. . . . Shulman’s prose is fast paced, filled with humor, and peopled with characters who are either true to life or delightfully bizarre. Fans of fairy tales in general and Grimm stories in particular will delight in the author’s frequent literary references, and fantasy lovers will feel very much at home in this tale that pulls out all the stops.”—School Library Journal, starred review (of Grimm Legacy)

“A richly imagined adventure with easy appeal for Harry Potter fans.”— Booklist (of Grimm Legacy)

“A clever, sparkly adventure made of science fiction, philosophy, and humor.” — Kirkus Reviews (of Wells Bequest)

“In this delightful companion novel to The Grimm Legacy and The Wells Bequest, Shulman blends modern fantasy, humor, and adventure, with a touch of romance . . . and a fantastical hunt for a pirate’s treasure that takes them bounding across the high seas. . . . Extra credit to author Shulman for deftly weaving a wealth of literary references into the story. Lots of fun, particularly for those who enjoyed the previous books. Suggest this title as a refreshing change from dystopian drama, and to young teens who miss Harry Potter.”School Library Journal (of Poe Estate)

“Interweaves past and present as well as fact and fiction. Fans of the previous books will enjoy the reappearance of familiar characters in secondary roles, while new readers will be able to pick up fundamentals of the story’s magical premise and enjoy Sukie’s adventure.”Booklist (of Poe Estate)

“Sukie’s pragmatism and unflappability is amusing as she encounters one extraordinary situation after another. . . . The New-York Circulating Material Repository is a character unto itself, with meandering paths and random annexes containing materials and objects from great works of literature. . . . Whether read as a companion to the first book or a standalone, this is a fine outing in supernatural shenanigans, haunted family histories, and reclaimed futures.”The Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books (of Poe Estate)

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